iPABot Privacy Policy

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To use iPABot, you must agree to the following Terms of Service. Please read and accept it in order to use iPABot.

Copyright and Licensing

iPABot does not condone the use of illegally obtained iPA files, such as those found on the Internet or shared by others without permission. iPABot requires that the iPA files used were either obtained via you downloading them from the appstore with your own Apple ID, an iPA from the originaly developer, or you otherwise have the rights to use the iPA. Using illegally obtained iPA from any source, even if published by a "trustworthy" source, is a violation of copyright law.

Third Party Services

iPABot uses the Discord Attachment Service to provide the user with the ability to download the iPA file. The Discord Attachment Service is a service provided by Discord, Inc. (“Discord”). The Discord Attachment Service is provided free of charge to users of the Discord App. The Discord Attachment Service is provided by Discord under the Discord Terms of Service.


iPABot keeps track of the user's Discord ID and the URL of the iPA file. This data is used to identify the user and to provide the user with the ability to save and install the iPA. Should the user wish to delete their data from iPABot, they may do so by running the /library clear slash command, wherever the bot is visible in Discord.